Therapy/Counselling (Indoor and Outdoor)

It’s understandable to feel anxious about seeing a therapist. The first appointment is a chance to meet the therapist, learn how therapy works, initiate a therapeutic relationship and discuss the best approach to working together.

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What is Counselling?

Counselling is the building of a therapeutic space and relationship in which you can work through difficulties you may be experiencing in your life; be those past, present or future orientated. The therapeutic relationship in Counselling is unique to other relationships we experience and are familiar with. Clients working with me can expect a non-judgemental and authentic space in which they can be open about themselves as they undertake a journey to have greater understanding, self-awareness and find direction in life. Counselling does not offer a quick fix as growth and discovery takes time and investment. Progress is made through attending regular appointments. We agree how often we will meet at a date and time convenient for us. It may be that we use a range of techniques in our work together guided by a person-centred approach; to tailor therapy to your needs. 

How Counselling Can Help You

I am experienced in working with a broad spectrum of difficulties, I don’t believe it is always helpful to list diagnoses and labels, to me you are a unique person and if you are struggling let’s talk about how I can help you. You may describe feeling depressed, anxious, lost, stuck, lacking in motivation, difficulty sleeping; all of which are signs that your body is under stress. The mind and body are not separate entities and within my work I help clients to make connections between their thoughts, feelings and sensations to bring synchronicity to their health and living a meaningful life… helping you to thrive.

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Outdoor Therapy Sessions

Nature and outdoor spaces have become increasingly important in my life and practice; offering a rich and interesting space for practising mindfulness and creating space in my life to breathe and re-connect. Our lives are so busy, we move from one activity to the next and at times we become ‘human – doings’ as opposed to ‘human beings.’ In my own growth and development journey I started to spend more time outdoors and this led to me eventually training to work outdoors with clients in natural spaces due to the benefits I have experienced and learnt. This offers a unique experience in which a client can benefit from greater openness, stillness as well as gentle movement to work through and overcome emotional and physical states of stress/distress. Nature provides us with a canvas in which to be creative using metaphor and observation of how nature is in a constant state of change and renewal… just like us. If you’re interested in working outdoors with me, we meet initially ‘indoors’ to discuss the details of this and contracting how we manage situations that can arise outside of a clinic room. 

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Life Coaching

Life coaching is like building a map of your world to help you navigate life with greater ease.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy involves working with the subconscious mind to make positive, beneficial changes for the conscious mind.

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Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

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