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We grow up on the nourishment that Love is the fairy-tale. But did we misinterpret the stories or see what we wanted to see? Because, in fact the Cinderella love story isn’t too dissimilar from the calamitous love life of Bridget Jones. The fairy-tale is like the chink of light through the clouds. Cinders must sweep a lot of floors before the Prince was handing her the Glass slipper. This is the story... not just the happily ever after. It’s all relevant.

Finding love

Love favours the brave

So, relationships… the fairy-tale can’t exist without the lead up. The discomfort of showing up, peeling back the layers to be seen and accepted or rejected. It’s brutal isn’t it? Entering the unknown that’s embellished with uncertainty and choosing to do so with fear in the passenger seat. Not waiting for it to dissipate when it’s likely too late. We have less awareness in young love. And because of this – less fear. The older we get the more aware we are of our past wounds, our desire to protect ourselves from difficult feelings and societies clock that’s heavily ticking away –  as we try to place timescales on situations that require no time measure and don’t respond well to one. The recipe unique to us all in embracing a relationship and the potential of love again is patience. Patience with all the challenging feelings and thoughts.  Compassion to the past wounds as opposed to judgement. Courage to lean into our vulnerabilities. To walk into an arena where we can be truly seen. In light of the present not shadow of the past or illusion of the future. I offer and extend these thoughts and words to anyone struggling with this life stage. You’re maybe not 20 anymore but you’re also not flatlining. Life is for living.

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