If you can't shake it, stretch it

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Your body is a storage container - I don’t just mean of your internals - the externals too. Your body stores the data of your daily life; trauma, pain, loss, heartache, stress - all gets stored in this vessel that we employ to carry us through life. When we are sick, in pain, diseased we go straight for the doctors diagnosis. Ignorance is easier than intellect. We like to view stress through a separate lens to our lives... like it’s something happening to you, that someone else is in control of.... nah ah ahhhhh.... it’s in you... and the key is finding what is in your influence and control. Your body being at the centre of this.

The importance of stretching

A daily routine to try

At the start of the day I like my body to enter it fresh – I do some shaking, I cultivate energy through a blend of Tai Chi and Yoki Ho exercises… surface level letting go of that data that’s not sunk too deep. But it’s also important to stretch. Our bodies shrink in the shadows of stress and pain – stretching is like the sunflower reaching for the sun, helping us to grow towards the light. It’s an opportunity in each movement to ask “What can I let go of” and  then “Can I let go a little more”. Learn to work the body out – let it move into today without carrying yesterday or predicting tomorrow. Let your body be. New. Ready.

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