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Consider these words... how often have you found/do you find yourself speaking words that you know will be easily digested by the person/persons in front of you? Do you walk away after questioning why you agreed or aligned with a mass perspective that’s already been accepted in the world. It’s simply not enough to own your truth; truth needs conception, truth needs fertilisation and truth needs to be born into this world. It needs your utter alignment.

Find your truth

The importance of truth

There is a blessed juxtaposition of how tiny and insignificant we are in this universe with how important our truth and ability to be upright, still yet dynamic. The place of conception is our values system. At this point in your life if you let go of others, judgements and expectations and get quiet inside… can you answer the questions of what your values are… not your goals… goals are passing places en route to your purpose led by your values. What legacy do you want to create in this world in your absence? What’s your message? You don’t have to follow the blueprint left before you … what’s your own imprint? So yes you’re a speck of dust in this mass of universe. But be the up to date, skilled and whole-natured speck of dust that as it rises creates a fall that despite its weightlessness leaves just a slight presence in its wake. What’s your truth?! In order to find out you need to get still. Breathe. In this silence get quiet. Really quiet and your truth will speak. You just have to learn the language.

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